Friends in Live Music

My head’s still spinning as it has all settled in, and is resting comfortably in our memories. 

On 9/16/12 I read a tweet by Neil Gaiman (my favorite author for many years), who mentioned that the touring raconteurs needed a bed or 3 while they were here in Charlotte, Well, 2 weeks prior to this show, Joel Hamilton - the touring troubadour with the gang, was here with Rachel Goodrich and failed to mention he was coming back through on this tour!  I got in touch with Joel after Neil’s post, one thing led to another and before I knew it the tour bus was pulling into our driveway the next day!  It seemed they all felt comfortable enough here where they could all find a place to sleep for the night, so after the heartwarming show in Uptown Charlotte, George, Edgar, Peter, Dawn, Samita, Isaac, Caroline, Cindy, Kimberly, Josh, Jose, VG, Neil and some friends of theirs and ours, made our way back to our house for warm food and snacks, tasty beverages and many hours in and around the pool.  By 4am, Neil, VG left to go back to the hotel, while the rest of the gang slept all over our house.  Lucky for us, Don and I were able to sleep on the tour bus!  The next morning all returned to have breakfast with us, too.  It was truly, truly so very magical, and one of the best memories for us and the people who were there sharing it with us. 

Thank you SO much to the Unchained Tour gang!  They are back at in January of 2013, so please find them and go see and meet them.  You’ll be SO glad you did!

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